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Meghan hanley

Meghan Hanley
Meghan Hanley
Meghan Hanley
Meghan Hanley


Quick Synopsis:


Brooklyn-based comedian has been seen on Gotham Comedy Live AXSTV and Laughs on FOX.  She is also the star and host of her own web series Sports Tabata.





Meghan Hanley is a Brooklyn-based comedian, writer and actress, known for her quick wit and up-beat persona.  Hanley brings a contagious energy to the stage, which is palpable in her appearances on AXSTV’s Gotham Comedy Live and Fox’s Laughs. She has performed at various festivals, including the Boston Comedy Festival, Out of Bounds, Laughing Skull, and Women in Comedy.  She is a regular on the NYC circuit and performs at clubs across the country.


In addition to stand-up, Meghan is an avid Sports fan. She has a baseball blog called Rounding Third and is the star and host of a web series on YouTube entitled Sports Tabata. Lastly, she smiles a lot which some people find suspicious, but mostly endearing.





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