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Jude Tedmori was raised in Orange County, CA, and attended Columbia College Chicago where he studied film. He also partook in the college’s Comedy Studies program which provides students the unique opportunity to study full-time at Second City for a semester.  After college, he was a member of the sketch group TWO BUNNIES EATING FLOWERS, which TimeOut Chicago described as, "ridiculous, explosive, shocking, confrontational glitterbomb of a show … a fearless, bloody, full-frontal assault on all senses that makes you want to leap out of your seat and start a revolution.” Jude was also a member of the group HIJINKS, an experimental monthly show whose existence culminated in a twelve hour long festival where they performed all twelve of their shows back to back. Here’s a write-up about the event.


Since moving to Los Angles, Jude and his partner Alex Hanpeter have been writing and performing together under the (exceptionally creative) name of ALEX & JUDE. LA Weekly described them as such: “Think whimsy and aggression kicked into one of those transporter pods that turned Jeff Goldblum into the Fly and you'll get the idea.” Their show “What A Time To Be Alive” made The Comedy Bureau’s list of ‘The 100 Best Things in Comedy We Were Witness to in No Particular Order of 2016’, noting they “have figured out how to give slapstick, physical comedy the proper twist for 2016 audiences.”


In 2017, Jude started his own podcast called “Missing Jay Leno”, which was a parody of the morally ambiguous “Missing Richard Simmons.” The podcast including Jude and a guest driving around Burbank looking for Jay Leno. You can listen to it here. Most recently, Alex & Jude, along with friends Chris Stephens, Brian McGovern, and Joe McAdam started a weekly live “news” show called JUDE NEWS. The show has recently moved to Funny Or Die’s Twitch channel. You can catch it every Friday at 2 p.m. Here’s a little sample!

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