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Alyssa Sabo

Alyssa Sabo is a Los Angeles based comedian/writer hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a house team performer & writer on Maude Night (Money Please) and Characters Welcome at The Upright Citizens Brigade. She also performs stand-up and improv regularly wherever there is a microphone and notable festivals such as The New York Comedy Festival and The Women In Comedy Festival. When she’s not performing live, you can find her losing her mind online reading her old Christian teen journals, going on actual instagram live first Hinge dates, or tricking millions of strangers on Tik Tok to believe that she is Mike Pence’s estranged daughter named “Peggy Pence.” Alyssa loves comedy that blurs the line between reality and fiction, which is why she also has an alter ego bro character named Danny Beckman who some dudes in the LA comedy scene actually think is real. Alyssa has also written and performed a one woman show based on her real life experience of being in a coma and receiving a life-saving liver transplant at the age of twenty-one. She is so excited to use her platform to raise awareness about organ donation, and the struggles that come with having a chronic illness. 

Alyssa’s boundless positive energy has also gotten her the unique opportunity to be a contestant on several game shows including Netflix’s The Floor Is Lava, NBC’s Small Fortune, Celebrity Name Game, FOX’s Bullseye, The Price Is Right, Shark Tank, and more. Even though she hasn’t won big money on every game show, being a game show contestant multiple times is the real prize in of itself. Her latest sketch, “Fancy Hat, Missing Son” where she plays a dumb country singer was a Vimeo staff pick and garnered a Vulture write-up where they called Alyssa a “genius performer”. She also recently had the privilege of portraying an actual protesting legend on the STARZ miniseries Gaslit with Julia Roberts and Sean Penn. Alyssa really is just happy to be here!

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