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victoria ric

Victoria Ric

SAG-AFTRA eligible

Spanish native (Bolivia), fluent in German and Italian


Since arriving in New York, Victoria has been cast in several independent movies and theater plays. Most recently she played in “The Whale and the Dog Star” written by Ben Holbrook, with the Fundamental Theater Company.

Victoria Ric is a Bolivian actress based in New York City. She started her acting career in Barcelona, Spain 15 years ago in the Nancy Tuñón-Jordi Olivé Studio. She continued her education with teachers like Nickolay Mijailovich Kirichenko, from the Kupala Theatre in Minsk amongst other great names. Back in Bolivia she explored different contemporary dance techniques, writing poetry and combining them with her acting background to explore new expression languages while she kept working in films and theater. Over the last 2 years, she works and lives in New York City.

Her last film, shot in January 2019, was “Waiting in the Lake” from Bolivian Director Okie Cardenas, where she shared credits with the greatest actors in her country.





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