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Emory parker


Emory Parker grew up on Long Island, just a train ride away from New York City. Her proximity to such a vibrant, inspiring city led her to take interest in the arts. Throughout high school, Emory performed in numerous theatrical productions in addition to writing, directing, and acting in her own videos. 

Emory is currently studying film and television production at New York University, where she has continued to work both behind and in front of the camera. Last year, Emory created and starred in her own web series called Pants Role The show was a hit, winning "Best Web Series" at Fusion Film Festival 2015.

In the fall, Emory wrote, directed, and edited a short film entitled, Changing of the Leaves. The project won "Best Student Short Film" at the Direct Short Online Film Festival, "Best Actress" at the Milan Online Film Festival, and the "Audience Award" at the Wallabout Film Festival. Changing of the Leaves has also been chosen as an Official Selection of LA CineFest, Katra Film Series, The Monthly Film Festival, International Online Web Fest, and Illinifest Film Festival.
This spring, Emory was cast in two web series, Cross Training and Cold Blooded. Both projects will shoot this summer.

Emory's background in the theatre has been influential to her filmmaking. She aspires to use all of her artistic abilities to tell stories in an original, compelling way.





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