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Amanda Lehan-Canto is currently a Sunday Company Alumni and teacher at The Groundlings Theater. She is a regular cast member, character improvisor and writer on the Youtube show, SMOSH. It has over 25 Million subscribers and they’re headed to VidCon again this year! Her latest written shorts on SMOSH will be all catered to everyone's favorite addiction, "Love is Blind"! Keep your eye out for those. She is also currently writing and performing monthly with her Maude team, Money Please at UCB Franklin and also performing her solo show, “Keep it Together, Woman!” right here in Los Angeles. She was also the host for Amazon Alexa for over three years, doing social commercials for them to introduce their newest devices.


You can hear her voice frequently on a lot of the Spotify commercials ranging from introducing Kate Spade's newest handbags to introducing some of Amazon Prime's newest shows like "The Wheel of Time"! Amanda also just got news that her fully improvised feature film, "Re-Opening" has just been bought and will be available on most streaming platforms in 2023. The film is a take on a Christopher Guest style mockumentary film where a cast of characters improvise their way through the dilemma of trying to reopen their hometown theater in the middle of covid. Scary funny! We were invited to over 20 film festivals last year and we couldn't be more proud of our film.


Commercial & Voice Over


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