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Kristen is an actor and writer based in Los Angeles. She was born in New Jersey and raised in Dallas, TX, where she received her BFA degree in Acting at Southern Methodist University.


Kristen is currently playing superhero Sonia Sato on Stargirl (The CW). She can be seen on Cake (FXX) and in the independent film Monochrome: the Chromism. She has voiced characters in numerous anime shows, including One Piece Gold, Kantai Collection: Kancolle, and ReLife.


Kristen has performed onstage at the Dallas Theatre Center, Undermain Theater, & Dallas Children's Theater, and she was one of the original ensemble members of Prism Movement Company. In 2019, she produced and starred in her original full-length play Prodigy at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, where it was offered an extended run. It was inspired by her being a proud Korean-American but feeling like neither most of the time. In her role she acted in English, Korean, and played the piano.


If you think Kristen can do it all she would like to assure you that she cannot wink with her left eye.

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