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Hans Holsen is a writer, character actor, improviser, sketch comedian and a tall man from Chicago. He is best known for his role as Doug on Seeso’s critically acclaimed original series Shrink. The television critic for the L.A. Times had this to say about his performance: "Hans Holsen plays a completely original turn on the amiable, distracted sidekick, at home in the world in a way (the main character) David is too fretful to be." 

He has also appeared as a billionaire inventor’s assistant on Disney’s hit family show Dog With A Blog. Perhaps you watched the film Let’s Go To Prison directed by Bob Odenkirk. If so, then you may have seen Hans in there, in the first third of the film, as a juror who was also a cowboy.

Have you ever been to Chicago? Hans has. He lived there for a long time. While there, he did a lot of improvised comedy at places such as: ComedySportz Chicago, iO Chicago, The Annoyance, and The Second City. He traversed the country with The Second City National Touring Company for two years, and afterward, he lived in Amsterdam for two years, where he was an ensemble member of Boom Chicago. Needless to say, he’s seen the world. Has he seen a lot of it? No, not really. Compared to you, the reader, perhaps. But in general: no.  As a sketch comedian and solo character comedian, Hans has appeared at shows throughout Los Angeles such as The Nerdist, American Town Hall at The Virgil, and Clausen College at the Lyric Hyperion. He improvises semi-regularly with Jaime Moyer at The Second City Hollywood, and at iO Chicago with The Armando Show. He’s begun and finished sets at the San Francisco SketchFest, Just For Laughs in Chicago, as well as others he simply cannot remember.
Hans has also provided a reason to buy or not buy things and services for numerous companies on television and Internet commercials. He has created a semi-improvised podcast called The Ultimate Sound of Music which can be listened to on his Vimeo page. And yes, Hans does write fairy tales. You just have to ask him to write one for you.

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