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Norah Dineen

Irish born and raised, Norah Dineen received the Best Actress Award for the film Sleep (2016) at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival and Los Angeles Film Awards, as well as a semi- finalist for her film Northern Star (2018) by the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, which was also screened at the Oscar qualifying Cork International Film Festival. Dineen studied at Trinity College Dublin and in Paris at L'Institut des Etudes Politiques. She went on to study Performance and Film at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. From painting and experimental performance and film making, she returned to acting, studying Meisner at the Actors Space Berlin and Clown with Christopher Bayes (Yale) at Berg Studios LA. Dineen is a producer, director, cinematographer, who writes and performs in her own films. Currently, she is in development with a series called FETISH.

Dineen is also a trained violinist, pianist, flautist, and drummer, and her first album NORMAL will be released this year, along with music videos she will make and in which she will star. Norah has lived in London, Paris, Berlin, Greece, and the United States, and speaks French and German. She is a Renaissance woman and interdisciplinary artist whose focus is slowing down, disconnecting from technology, and connecting with people and community in real and meaningful ways.





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