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Louis Morabito


“An Alice-like rabbit hole of surpressed memories… Simmering with neurotic emotions and surreal dream states… sustains a disturbing, somnambulistic mood… Morabito maintains an effectively buttoned up performance.”

Robert Koehler, Variety

“Stylistically channeling Davis Lynch and Darren Aronofsky The 4th Dimension is a densely etched portrait of a young man’s descent into insanity… Louis Morabito plays the adult Jack Emitini, a former child genius now grown into the tentative body of a timid loner of an obsessive- compulsive.”

Michael Rechtshaffen, The Hollywood Reporter

“The 4th Dimension is about an introvert, possible genius named Jack (Louis Morabito)… Morabito’s portrayal is one of subtlety and moody charm. Never is there a moment where you feel creeped out, he never allows the eccentricities to overwhelm to the point of being a turn-off. We can tell he’s a genius, we can see the weight of the world on his shoulders and we can feel for his inability to control events despite his determined efforts… Drifting through the world with Jack, you’ve just got to let go and enjoy the slow burn.”

–Mark Bell, Filmthreat

“Louis Morabito is a major find. He is perfectly cast as the young man who lives his life afraid of those around him. And as he questions his dreams which may just be an alternate reality, he makes it easy for us to question it also… We witness the strange world through the eyes of Jack, played by the fantastic Louis Morabito.”

–JimmyO, Arrow in the Head

“Louis Morabito (Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven) is perfect as the conflicted young man with a dimension problem. His unique interpretation easily places him into the ranks of A-list performers. Everyone else in the movie is as believable, but Morabito is the one to watch. It’ll be interesting to see where this film actually takes him.”

–Martin Boucher, Film Fanaddict Magazine

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