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Bette bentley

Bette Bentley is a writer and director who became well-known while working at FUNNY OR DIE, helping Will Ferrell make viral, online comedy. Her videos have earned over 500 million views. She was a writer for CBS DIVERSITY SHOWCASE, where her sketch “Hodor’s Moment” was a show standout. She created, wrote, directed, and starred in the viral web series JUNIOR DEVELOPMENT EXECS; an inside-baseball portrayal of young, female, film executives. Bette helped start the YouTube channel JASH for Reggie Watts, Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, and Tim & Eric. She also created, directed, and starred in a musical series with Reggie Watts about selling instruments on Craigslist. Alongside Dave McCary, Bette co-wrote and co-directed the woman-on-the-street show ON THE STREET WITH KATE B for powerhouse Kate Berlant. She hosted and co-wrote the show NO PUN INTENDO for Meltdown/Nerdist with Ron Funches, which toured and performed at Bridgetown Comedy Festival and Bumbershoot. In 2021, her coming-of-age feature, I LOST MY VIRGINITY TO VINCENT GALLO, trended in the ’top 10’ of the prestigious BLACK LIST for 4 months. And her half-hour comedy is currently a finalist for the GLAAD List. Her short film, SHE REALLY HURT MY FEELINGS IN YOGA CLASS, premiered at the 2020 MSFF and earned nominations for Best First Time Director, Best Dark Comedy, and Best Feminist Short from INDIE SHORT FEST. Currently, she is hard at work developing an animated show, which recently secured a shopping agreement. Her best credits, though, are her 2 beautiful babies - her daughter Josephine who is ready to fly to the moon, and her son Lucky who has 3 delicious rolls on his thighs. Becoming a mom only strengthened her resolve to write and create. She started the hashtag #takeachanceonmoms and really you should. 


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