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Hannah Snow

Hannah Snow is an actress from Belgium, growing up with both (Flemish) Dutch and (American) English. With a bachelor’s degree in musical Theatre, she also works as a singer and a dancer.

Growing up in a family of classical musicians, Hannah played the piano and studied music theory for over ten years. She continues to study voice with Ann De Renais (UK) and David Jones (USA).

Hannah is currently part of the international music theatre company Theater Tol (, which is known for their entirely unique outdoor aerial performances. She has performed/flown with them all over the world including France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Poland, and Brazil.

Having a love for anything vintage, she has often found herself being cast as an actress and or singer/dancer in full 20s to 50s gear, catapulting audiences back to the glamorous world of Old Hollywood at events all throughout Belgium.

She thanks the all-girl troupe The Retronettes for giving her countless opportunities to live out her old MGM dreams.

In the past few years, Hannah has found herself in front of the camera more and more. Whether she is portraying a 40s jazz singer in a short film, guest starring on a well-known Belgian TV show, dancing to sell furniture in a national commercial, presenting on camera with a teleprompter, her versatility has proven to be her greatest asset and has ensured an incredibly diverse career.

In 2022, she moved to New York City after being granted an O-1 Artist Visa.

Gratitude to her mentor & her parents for their relentless support!




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Omnipop East Coast

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