Nadeen manuel

NADEEN MANUEL has hypnotized over 100,000 people since she started her hypnosis career in 2003. She travels the world demonstrating how hypnosis can help people create positive and profound changes in their lives. Endorsed by thousands of clients, her Deep Brain Programming empowerment programs have proven effective in helping people experience lasting personal transformations.

Nadeen brings this passion for hypnosis to her stage performances, which are hilarious, life changing and groundbreaking. She travels through Europe, the Caribbean and North & South America as an entertainer and lecturer. 

Nadeen is the first female stage hypnotist to ever perform on cruise ships.  Nadeen started her career on ships in January 2007 as a Headliner for Norwegian cruise line. Over a decade later and thousands of hours on stage, she now hypnotizes people for healing demonstrations purposes, educating medical professionals, fascinating seminars and hilarious comedy hypnosis shows.  She is a corporate speaker and loves the innovation that comes along with teaching people how to heal themselves with hypnosis. 

She has facilitated tens of thousands of transformations through her live seminars and private hypnotherapy sessions.  An award-winning hypnotist, her skill set has garnered the attention of both the medical profession and academia. She is the Celine Dion of her industry. 


The more you watch Nadeen, the more you will love her. Her smart, sincere, and light-hearted approach combined with powerful stage presence makes for a rising star.





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