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Laura Kightlinger is a writer, stand-up comic, and actor. She created and starred in her own critically acclaimed TV show, The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman, and currently plays narcissist mom Deb Taylor on the hit Hulu series PEN15. She played the popular recurring character Nurse Sheila on Will & Grace and has been a consulting producer on the show since its inception. Laura was also a series regular on HBO's Lucky Louie and Amazon's Take My Wife. She has provided additional material and voiced characters in KungFu Panda, Lego Batman, Ninjago, The Life and Times of Tim, and Animals, and she currently voices "Dr. Scott" in Dr. Katz: The Audio Files. Over the years, Kightlinger has had several half-hour standup specials on Comedy Central and HBO, and she is currently preparing for an hour-long special. At the recent JFL Comedy Festival, she was heralded in the Montreal Gazette as "a femme fatale deadpan who took risks leading the audience into hilariously dark, unexpected territory."

Kightlinger’s book Quick Shots of False Hope, which is being adapted for television, was described by the New York Times Book Review as a “memorable, disturbing, and darkly comic debut.” Sixty Spins Around the Sun, the documentary Kightlinger directed that chronicles activist Randy Credico's fight to repeal the Rockefeller Drug Laws, won 'Best Documentary' in the Boston, Empire State, Black Maria, and Beverly Hills Film Festivals. Laura also won 'Best Director' for her first short film Dependable People at the Black Maria Film Festival. Other shorts she has written and directed include: Cat Demon: Re-Exhumed, American Heroine, Roy Fabcock: Legendary Lover, Exposition 7, Laura Gets Adopted, the three-episode short series Cat Guys, and the stop-motion thriller The Scrap County Murders.

The above documentary and short films can be viewed on Laura’s website, linked below.


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