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Danny Seckel grew up in New York, until his family moved to Houston when he was 11. That of course makes him, a little bit country a little bit Rock n' roll. After completing the Actor's Theatre of Louisville apprenticeship, Danny worked throughout the country in Regional and Off-Broadway venues including; Yale Repertory, The Century Theatre, and A.T.L. After realizing that he didn't care for changes in the seasons Danny moved to California and worked the words "whatever" and "totally" into his vernacular.

Now based in Los Angeles, Danny has been in various films such as "Double Whammy," "Hellbent," and "The Girl Next Door." He has also made several appearances on the small screen in "Roswell," "Monster House" and as host for GSN's "Weird Work-a-thon" and "Second Chance." Danny is the proud owner of a 52-inch HDTV, and as such feels obligated to view copious amounts of television to justify his purchase. As the host of TV Guide Channel's "Watch This," Danny is overly qualified to tell everybody what they should watch. He went on to host two pilots for E!, "Real Reviews" and "Blah Blah Blog." Most recently, he hosted the very popular TBS/Endemol live interactive game show, "Midnight Money Madness."

Roles on "Community," "Pair of Kings," "iCarly," and "Fred." Star of "The Adventures of Taxi Dog." Host of TBS's "Midnight Money Madness."

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