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Oscar Nunez is best known for playing Oscar Martinez on NBC's The Office. He has won an Emmy, two SAG Awards, an ALMA Award, a TV Land Award and an Impact Award from the National Hispanic Media Coalition for the role. Oscar is also recognized for his large supporting role in the hit movie The Proposal and for creating and starring in his own Comedy Central series, Halfway Home.

Raised in New Jersey, Oscar's acting career started on the East Coast. He studied acting in New York and Washington D.C. and performed with The Shock of the Funny improv troupe. After stints studying fashion, art and dentistry, Oscar moved to Los Angeles where he performed with the Groundlings as a member of their Sunday Company.

Oscar recently starred opposite Rob Lowe as Casey Anthony's attorney Jose Baez in the Lifetime original movie Prosecuting Casey Anthony. He has guested on many TV shows including New Girl, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Shameless, Life in Pieces, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Bob's Burgers, Family Tree, 24, and Reno 911. He most recently starred in the 2014 USA Network comedy series, Benched and alongside Antonio Banderas in the Chilean mining disaster feature, The 33. He can soon be seen in the upcoming TBS comedy, People of Earth as well as the feature version of Baywatch starring The Rock.

Starring roles in THE 33, USA's sitcom BENCHED, Lifetime's PROSECUTING CASEY ANTHONY and NBC'S THE OFFICE. Upcoming roles in the Christopher Guest film MASCOTS and TBS sitcom THE GROUP.

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