Lori Chase


Lori Chase started out her career in the theatre, performing onstage in over 30 productions worldwide from CATS to MISS SAIGON. In 2002, while performing on Broadway in THE FULL MONTY, she had an epiphany: "I need to be home with my kids." After spending months alone at home with the kids, she had another epiphany, "I need to get away from my kids." At least occasionally!

Frightened by her new suburban New Jersey neighborhood, and missing the stage, she begged friends to put her up in stand-up venues so she could talk about her angst. "Stand-up was something I always did backstage because my ADD made it very difficult to do the same thing onstage 8 shows a week. It was something I always wanted to do, but never had the guts."

A few years later, you can see her weekly at many of New York City's premier comedy clubs. She was featured in an article in "The New Yorker," about a sitcom that was written based on her life. Lori has been seen on Fox's "Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen," the East Coast finals of NBC's "Last Comic Standing Season 4" and on Bravo in a documentary called, "Gay Hollywood," (no, she's not gay...yet). Lori was also on Fox News Charlotte, co-hosting a half hour comedy/news program called "The Edge." She is often heard on Sirius radio’s "Wise Guys" with Big Pussy from the "Sopranos."

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